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and provided other support for survivors. >>> toyota motors says global sales of its hybrid vehicles topped 5 million units. that's in cumulative terms since the first prius was launched back in 1997. toyota executives said on wednesday that the company sold 5.12 million hybrids through the end of march. last year it enjoyed a surge in demand when over 1 million units were sold. toyota says government subsidies for buyers of ecofriendly cars and stricter environmental standard in the u.s. and europe helped boost sales. >> translator: i'm happy a lot of toyota customers have bought hybrid cars. i strongly believe the hybrid will continue to evolve in terms of performance and cost. >> toyota plans to roll out more new hybrid models, but to boost demand further, the automaker needs to cut demand prices so that hybrids can compete with cheaper, gasoline powered vehicles. >>> japan's consumer sentiment in march continued for the third straight month to hit the highest level in almost six years. government officials say hopes for an upturn in corporate earnings are a major factor. cabinet officials
head in the stars, our feet on the ground... and nothing will be beyond our reach. toyota. let's go places. somebody that i can pull off a fun prank with. ♪ you sort of gravitated towards the camaro. i've never driven anything like this before. ♪ it's got some power. so just get a feel for it. [ engine revs ] okay. all right. ease off just a little bit. slow down. slow down. you can't go through that gate. oh, you're an idiot. i'm gonna kill you. [ screaming ] whoo! ♪ he does his patented backflip. you ready... ♪ get down. i got this. whatever... okay, carl. this is for you, racing-boy. [ comical crashing/ body thumping/groaning sounds ] [ male announcer ] subway® keeps carl edwards' engine racing with his low fat, protein-powered favorite, the sweet onion chicken teriyaki -- made exactly the way he says, with spinach, green peppers and black olives. [ mockingly ] i'm going to jump off the car... >> chris: 24 laps to go in texas. that is car 24. jeff gordon in the garage area after running third. what happened, krista? >> krista: well, he came on radio and thought it was a
, toyota, nissan or mazda on the road. well, if you drive one of those brands, you better listen up. >> that is right. four japanese automakers recalling 3.4 million cars, that is across the world. and it is all due to a defect with the air bag. alison kosik is joining us from the new york stock exchange. tell us which models are affected? it's a lot of people and a lot of cars. >> i don't think she is hearing. alison, do you got us yet? not hearing us. we'll move on. it's cars from 2001 to 2003 affected. alison, have we got you back? >> you do, yes, hello. >> from 2001 to 2003, what else do wu need to know? >> this is a huge recall, michael and suzanne. this recall really circles the globe. it effects cars that are in north america, europe, japan, china. and it varies based on the automaker. i want to show you the breakdown here. most of the recalls are from toyota and honda. in fact, more than one million of those cars that are recalled are each of those companies. at toyota they include the corolla, sequoia, tundra, lexus se 430. and with toyota it's a one-two punch. it's really
showers and storms on friday. cleary and breezy, much cooler, through the weekend. now the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local trio to dealers. -- toyota dealers. collegetim brant celek park where a group of luminaries have gathered to honor one of the great time coaches here. they will unveil a sculpture of the concourse. i will be the emcee of the event and i just spoke with him moments ago. >> it's like a homecoming. i'm excited about it. and then at maryland stayed for athletic director. stayed anywhere this long. this is sort of like my home. >> you're one of the first guys ever to understand marketing was part of coaching. knew how to get recruits. >> it probably heard with my team because i practice them too hard. i knew i was going to win. that is what i liked about coaching. if you lost, you just got a side job. i'm a competitor. i like to beat people. >> announced he was leaving college park for the nba. e has grown aso much, expected to be a lottery pick making him an instant millionaire. >> you start talking about content, and i think he will go a lot higher than
outlook. toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the braves just keep rolling all over them. >> the big story is stephen strasbourg. he is ok. everyone was in a full panic last night watching the big righthander shake his arm and struggle to get guys out. but mike rizzo says strasbourg is fine. he is strong as it? and he says he will not miss a start. -- strong as an? -- strong asset? strong as an ox and he will not miss his start. we all remember the painful game 7 elimination by the rangers last spring. washington is the best power play team in the league, new york is the best -- the least penalized. ice.ab's have home do not even think about the cut yet. it is anne knows unspoken thing. until you get a little bit closer, you do not want to put too much emphasis on the stanley cup. >> tonight in the nba, watching him go through two defenders. kevin durant with the play of the night. or is it? you be the judge. here is nate robbinston. watch him move troops moved to the bucket. with the now you see me, now you don't. and anytime joe gibbs comes to town, we lik
a million f. you look at the list from rl pope toyota kau tame in at number 2 ford with the s series. number four wuling zhiguang it's essentially a van. and toyota camry coming in at number 5. most of the cars are smaller sedans. >> i was going to ask what making them higher more fuel efficiency smaller car that is type of thing. >> as i understand toyota wants a recount. >> they are saying they sold more than ford focus. a oo toyota thinks corolla should be the first one. >> my first car was corvair. >> thank you for joining us. >> mine was a very, very old rundown bmw. >> well la-ti-da. >> and it broke down several times. >> coming up some of the world's top retailers being urged to pull products that you use in your house every day. there are concerns they may be toxic. could the month that your baby is born determine they get sick? this is interesting research as well. we have that for you to hear. first on this day in history back in 1965 the great gatsby was first published in new york city. ♪ [ male announcer ] from the way the bristles move to the way they clean, once you try an o
this traffic report is brought to you by your maryland toyota dealer. did you sit back and dream of the places you would like to go, places that bring you happiness? toyota is readily to take you there. bye a toyota.com and let's go places. >>> the boston marathon is one of the biggest sporting events. one of the many journalists was at the silva. he was at the finish line when the first bomb went off. here is his dramatic video and what he was thinking. >> reporter: i was squared up on the finish line. off to the right out of the blue a loud thud, a thud noise and smoke went up in the air and for a split second you thought is this some kind of a fireworks or some runner, famous runner coming across. a few photographers, we ran to the area. as we were running, probably 20 seconds later the bomb went off we new it was serious. the people on the other side of the partition was there to keep them off the race course. you had to pull the partitions to get to the people. then radio the people and police came. you couldn't get outside help because the roads were blocked off and the sidewalks were th
that controls the toyota prius. when the elevator is empty, the counterweight polls the elevator and it generates electricity by breaking. the same thing as in your toyota creosote or another hybrid car. -- prius or another hybrid car. here inside we have the ibtv drive. this is important for landing of the elevator. also, acceleration and deceleration, if there is instability in a car, can be reduced. >> so we have taken a ride in an antique elevator. >> this was an elevator built in 1913. >> we have checked out current elevator technology. >> these were installed in 1972, outside observation elevators. >> it is not
ecoboost challenge. ford escape, with ecoboost technology, took on honda and toyota. this is a lot of fun to drive. that's the ecoboost. i feel the power behind the escape. ooooh... 33 miles per gallon... that's crazy. that's more than my little car. i like the way the escape drives better than the rav4. i like it a lot better than the toyota. sorry, honda. step-up your game. check out escape, starting at under 23 thousand. take the ford ecoboost challenge today. >>> sure birds and bees are everywhere but it seems like in california mating rituals are a pillar of the economy. all the love scenes on the big screen and tabloids and all the elephant seals getting busy on the beach. this fascinating view draws hordes of tourists to the california shores every year. so nick watt went for a peek. >> reporter: if you drive down the coast of central california the right time of year you're in for a big surprise. you might spot ugly prehistoric looking beasts sunning themselves and having sex. this beach draws frisky elephant seals like daytona beach in spring. in november the dudes start arriving and figh
to prove meatballs ant just about beef. took on honda and toyota. this is a lot of fun to drive. that's the ecoboost. i feel the power behind the escape. ooooh... 33 miles per gallon... that's crazy. that's more than my little car. i like the way the escape drives better than the rav4. i like it a lot better than the toyota. sorry, honda. step-up your game. check out escape, starting at under 23 thousand. take the ford ecoboost challenge today. i can't breathe, so i can't sleep. and the next day i pay for it. i tried decongestants... i tossed and turned... i even vaporized. and then i fought back with drug-free breathe right. these nasal strips instantly open my nose, like a breath of fresh air. i was breathing and sleeping better. [ female announcer ] exercise your right to breathe right. get two free strips at breatheright.com. hey it's your right to breathe right. get two free strips at breatheright.com. cheryl burke is cha-cha-ing in depend silhouette briefs for charity, to prove that with soft fabric and waistband, the best protection looks, fits, and feels just like underwear. g
of 3.3 million vehicles. it includes 1.7 million toyotas, 1.1 million hondas. 480 thousand nissans and 45 thousand mazdas automakers say passenger side air bags could cause injury with too much force. 2000 through 2003 models are mostly affected. popular models like toyota's corolla, matrix and camry are included. kelsey mays of cars dot com says he does not see the recalls hurting sales numbers in the months ahead. "it might effect things for these automakers but their momentum has already been pretty strong at least two of the major ones for the first quarter of this year, so i don't see it effecting things that much in the remaining three quarters. " no injuries or deaths have been reported. the recall has been traced to a japanese supplier of air bags--takata corporation. foreclosures are inching up again. repossessions rose 2 percent in february, compared to a slight drop in the last three months. florida leads the u-s in foreclosure starts, followed by nevada and illinois. reports say foreclosure- prevention efforts are wearing off and causing delays. and new legislation in
sales as both try to catch up to toyota. gm sold 2.36 million cars and trucks around the world in the first three months of 2013. volkswagen sold 2.27 million vehicles during that same time. toyota was in the lead with most cars sold in 2012. rising maintenance costs are making owning a car more expensive. aaa says car expenses are up 2% from last year. the average sedan now requires investment of about $9,000 a year, or 61 cents a mile. higher maintenance fees were the primary reason. the study also looked at fuel, insurance and tire costs. the rally during the last 6 months is still not convincing average investors to dabble in the stock market. in its earnings report, td ameritrade says while profits rose 5%, trading volumes fell 2.4% from a year ago. the online brokerage tells reporters the firm even missed its own expectations as many retail investors remain on the sidelines depsite record highs in the market. still to come, small business solutions: advice for applying for capital when money is tight. that's later with bill moller. but first, charity scams are exploding i
the men got away in a toyota camry. police later found that car in pleasant hill. it, of course, was abandoned. they believe the toyota was stolen. police assume they got into another car and got away. no one saw that car. no one knows where it looks like. no one was hurt. this was quick. there was a call to police that shots were fired so they were worried about that when they got on the scene but they determined no shots were fired, it was a quick, planned out attack get manage and getting out and getting away. >> it is 4:38. happening now, petaluma police are sending if a couple in connection with a heist yesterday. the woman this this photo entered the department store, loaded two were soming carts with merchandise and placed them near a store exit and a man driving this blue van drove up to kohl's and loaded the merchandise in the vehicle and drove off. if you recognize the van or the woman, call petaluma police. >> a lot going on this morning. we have the commemoration of the great earthquake coming up shortly. this morning not feeling the wind. >> no, no, a mild morning.
june. news leaked early toyota is preparing to build its lexus es 350 in the u.s. for the first time. a press conference is scheduled for today, but reports already say the kentucky economic development finance authority is offering $146 million in tax breaks to toyota to expand its georgetown plant to make the car. the tax breaks would spread over 10 years as the car company makes an estimated investment of $531 million. it creates 750 new jobs. production would start in 2015. a growing number of cars for sale and on the road are under recall. carfax reports that 2.1 million cars with open recalls were for sale online in 2012. recalls increased in the midwest, especially in iowa, missouri, kansas, illinois, indiana, wisconsin and michigan. boeing's fleet of 787s appear to be closer to takeoff. several reports say we could know by next week whether the dreamliner will soon be back in service. the faa grounded the 50 jets after batteries burned onboard two 787s earlier this year. boeing came up with a fix, which the faa is now testing. the ordeal has already cost the jet maker $600 mi
for it in showrooms later this year. well, toyota has their suv out that's completely refreshed. it's the toyota highlander. first time in seven years they've redone this. they'll have three powertrain options available under the hood, including a hybrid option, all-wheel-drive. it has what's called pre-collision warning, which will tell mom or dad if they're getting too close to a person in front of them. plenty of room for cargo and kids in the back. look for it later this year. well, if you want a little sporty sedan, the family might like this. this is from cadillac. the 2014 cadillac cts. 3.6-liter v-6, twin turbo, 415 horsepower. you'll never be late to school in this thing. look for the all-new cadillac cts in cadillac dealers this fall. and from kia, one of our favorites, this is the all-new kia soul. they were jumping up and down and happy that this thing has been introduced. it's bigger, longer, and wider than it was before, with l.e.d. lighting and a lot of cargo room in the back. you can even have pandora radio streamed right to the front occupants. look for the kia soul in showrooms
. it started when a toyota corolla stalled on the bridge, it was rear ended by a bmw, which was then hit by the third car. the toyota driver suffered moderate to major limits. >>> there's a beach curfew in santa cruz. janine de la vega is there getting reaction to this. >> reporter: it's overcast here at the beach. but that has not stopped people from enjoying the waves and playing in the sand. if you look to the rights, mounds of hazardous waste was checking. >> this summer was some of the worst conditions i've seen as far as drug use, trash. >> reporter: this youtube video posted by a local surfer shows garbage. dylan grinder climbed up the rocks and discovered caves. there was needles for drug use, human waste and more trash. >> it had topped the cave and i was amazed. >> reporter: his videos caught the attention of locals and city officials. it exposed people illegally camping on the beach and the environment being done -- damage being done to the environment. last night the st. louis unanimously decided to put a -- the city council unanimously decided to put a curfew in. >> it appea
is with consumers, it's toyota that is the number one automaker in the world. what can ford do to change that? >> we have to keep working our own one ford plan. which is working and is having great success. we've seen the fruit of that in north america, growing dramatically in africa, and we expect great things from that part of the region by mid decade. we have a restructuring plan in place in europe. we have a plan and it's working. we just keep on track with that. and the company will move forward. >> to what extent is the weak japanese yen making prices on toyota corolla's and camrys more attractive to american buyers, and do you think a price war could shape up in the u.s. car market? >> well, we d ow yet, because it's only over the last six to nine months or so, that the yen has deappreciated to the degree that we see today. it clearly has given the japanese competitors an advantage not only here but around the world. we've only seen very small, selected areas where they may have leveraged that in terms of price positioning in the marketplace. historically, they haven't used that in terms of h
, the united states purchased stocks from toyota. this is what got the toyota automobile company its start. >> reporter: a more modest industrial start can be seen on this video. japanese collected the discarded empties and manufactured toy cans from the beer cans. gis paid 30-cents a piece for the toys. >>> when we come back on a second look, the morris lab, how it came into being. >>> and a bit later, visiting the tmz. the tense stand off between north and south korea that has lasted for six decades. [ male announcer ] the southwest airlines nationwide sale lets you go from working hard... to hardly working. ♪ ♪ big sales that help you get away. that's how we fly. act now to grab flights all over the country as low as $59 one-way. these fares won't last long so hurry and book now, only at southwest.com. we are southwest. welcome aboard. am i allergic to any medications? i don't know. last immunization shots? really? honey, what's my blood pressure medicine called? one time i took something and i blew up like a puffer fish. i'm probably allergic to tha
. in 1950 you know during the korean war, the united states purchased stocks from toyota. this is what got the toyota automobile company its start. >> reporter: a more modest industrial start can be seen on this video. japanese collected the discarded empties and manufactured toy cans from the beer cans. gis paid 30-cents a piece for the toys. >>> when we come back on a second look, the morris lab, how it came into being. >>> and a bit later, visiting the tmz. the tense stand off between north and south korea that has lasted for six decades. [ male announcer ] the southwest airlines nationwide sale lets you go from working hard... to hardly working. ♪ big sales that help you get away. that's how we fly. act now to grab flights all over the country as low as $59 one-way. these fares won't last long so hurry and book now, only at southwest.com. we are southwest. welcome aboard. wam i don't know. any medications? last immunization shots? really? honey, what's my blood pressure medicine called? one time i took something and i blew up like a puffer fish. i'm probably allergic to that. at kais
the recession, nearly nine months. >>> remember those problems with toy toy toyota's sudden acceleration. toyota concealed safety issues in violation of protection laws. it is part of a billion dollars set aside to settle civil suits. 14million cars were recalled worldwide over the problems that the company blames first on driver error, then on floor mats. >> the golden gate, some drivers are pulling a fast one. solo drivers are using the car pool lane so they can get the toll discount. it is hard to police all this, ever since the bridge got rid of toll takers last week. the bridge district is reminding you, it take three people. >> call it a case of do as we say, not as we do. a viewer sent us these pictures of a vehicle. not only to park in that red zone, it is in front of the fire hydrant. it is right in front of the transportation authority office where people go to pay their parking tickets. we did ask the city about it, but first we talked to a guy who paid his parking fine. >> police. city workers, everybody parks in the red zone. they don't get a ticket. as soon as citizens park ther
a month. now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> it was jackie robinson day and for the nationals, a night get back into the win column. let me take you back to miami. this was a special night in baseball. all of the players 1 -- wore 42. how theterested to see nets would respond after being swept over the weekend. they came up big. five for extra bases. the rbi double. 2-4 with three runs batted in. it was also a big night for ryan zimmerman. he went to deep centerfield. he had two hits, four runs batted in. 8-5nets win 10-3 and go to for the season. our play of the day is from cincinnati. the bottom of the second. the shot to deep center. the. great catch. gets into the infield. yes, sir. double play. that is the play of the night. fans, thesketball wizards are winding down the final games of the season's and the nets. could noty 17 but hold it. here we go to the final seconds. this was the door slammer. the three ball. taylor had 14 points. 11 in the fourth quarter to lead the comeback. ottollege basketball, announced he is leaving school to m
festival back. >> toyota says prius sales could slow even more if gas prices keep falling. >> here is jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> are you guilty of sharing netflix account with fans or friendly? they could tighten up the policies or boost prices. right now the company has no restrictions on the number of pc's tablets or phones you can use or the number of people who can sign in. an analyst estimates up to 10 million people use the service for free. drivers have enjoyed lower ay.ces at the pump and pricescos aaa says the nati average is $3.52a gallon down 17 cents from a month ago. that is not good in us for toyota with the top executive saying it could lead to lower sales of the prius. so bar the sales are down 8 percent as of the first three months of the year with 36 million americans suffering from migraines and the biotech company has scoffed that targeted injections with hot pepper oil could treat them. an analyst says it has the potential of reaching $1 billion in sales if it meets approval. >> thank you very much, jane, good morning, at 5:25 on this warm to hot
beau is in chicago. phil, for years it was the toyota corolla that was number one. what happened? >> well, a couple things, first of all, you talk about how they've had strength in china for ford and the focus, that's been a determining factor over the last 12 months to 15 months in china, compared for the corolla, which is still sold in china, but remember toyota has had a number of problems when you factor in the dispute between china in japan over territories. that really turned off toyota sales and all the japanese brands in china. that was a factor. then you have that the focus has been doing well in the u.s. in europe it's a bit of a wash, but doing a little better than toyota is doing in europe. in i've. >> no, in fact their sales -- remember, forte way late to the game in china. they've been making tremendous progress over the last five or six years. they're well beengine gm and volkswagen. now, forte will eventually get up over a million, but they're a long ways from thativities phil, thank you very much. >>> all right, simon, that focus is a nice little car. shamu is about to swim onto wa
's a look at 95. this traffic report is brought to you by your maryland toyota dealer. do you dream of all the places you'd like to go? go to buyatoyota.com; let's go places. knew over to manic monday. >>> ron, good morning. take it away, pal. >> reporter: good morning. thank you. just another man ic monday. i wish it was sunday. here we go, ladies and gentlemen gentlemen, great group. relay for life here is amy. >> it's this saturday at eastern tech high school. we're going it from 5:00 to 11:00 at night. we have 28 teams about 230 people signed up. over $11,000 we've raised so far. >> reporter: all for the benefit of the american cancer society? >> yes. >> reporter: tell us about the students that got up early. >> they just had their junior prom on saturday. these are part of 30 students we have that have been running it all yearlong. >> reporter: congratulations. it's a great cause. thank you for coming down. adam -- here is chuck. what grade are you in? >> fifth year five times over i think. >> reporter: chuck is going to help us out. we want to say hello to the coach and luther and
popular, 7 on your side will put it to the test to >>> toyota reached a settlement with california agreeing to pay $16 million in faumty business practices. toyotas were recalled over acceleration and braking issues. toyota countered problems were due to bad drivers and faulty floor mats. the spokesman says the company is turning the page on the recalls. >> u.s. health officials are taking precautions against the newest strain of bird flu popping up in china now. the health department working on strains of the virus so it can make vaccines quickly, if necessary this, move after the chinese government slaughtered all poulry in a market that killed six people. officials say it has been traced to pythons being sold for meat. >> a new type of laser treatment showing promising results against an aggressive form of brain cans yes, 10 patients received heat therapy. most showed improvement in just two days. the length of the survival doubled. >> students in georgia are planning to hold their first racially integrated prom. there are usually two proms, one for whites and one for everyone e
's actually where the dodge caravan hit the guardrail. after that happened, the toyota tacoma was driving off the offramp and it smashed into that car. both those cars ended up facing a head-on into traffic, that's when the cadillac escalade appeared and smashed into the car. what happened was the driver of the toyota had gotten out of the car. he was looking around. and that's when he was truck. we're on 780 and the eastbound side is closed. this is the freeway connector between 80 and 680 east of the columbus exit. now, traffic is stopped. it's backed up quite a ways. if you want to come over here, i can show you how far it goes back. if this is yomp ramp. if we took -- offramp. you can see how far this backup extends, all the way from 80, that's what sal is telling me. the chp is advising that you use surface streets. one route, 80 westbound to highway 4 to avoid the backup. now, you can see that these cars sort of trickling in here and they are using soerlt of like the shoulder an part of the roadway here. they are being allowed through but it's v
for you and me but not is much for toyota because try serious sales are following, toyota hoped to sell a quarter million of the popular hybrids and a bold statement on how americans are embracing the need for fuel savings but the top executives now say the goal could build out of reach because of falling gas prices. toyota next c.e.o. tells bloomburg the forecast could be adjusted down word. last year they sold 20, serious molds. >> and demandil go up for electricity but this will go down and we are going to be spending more to stay comfortable the next two days and more the entire spring and the summer to keep our lawns fresh turning the sprinkler on to summer leaves to keep things from burning up. live doppler 7 hd shows nice to have a radar return, maybe a couple but it is not happening. we will talk about what going do happen today with all the sunshine and warmth today, and then downhill from here if you like the warmth today is the day. last clear and mild night and then a marine layer bringing in clouds slowing the warming at 10 to 20 degrees cooler by friday the today, the temp
. >> nos indican que las marcas favorita son los toyota y honda de los años 90 >> la comunidad se dio al luto con una vigilia organizada por la muerte de jacob. >> alguien le pregunto si pertenecia a una pandilla y luego le disparo en la cabeza, hoy lo recordaron como un joven noble. >> el era un buen chico, respetuoso y siempre estaba con sus padres, no es forma de terminar. >> la policía no ha detenido a nadie, se sospecha de un hombre de 30 años. >> la policía solicita ayuda para identificar a un ladrón armado, el malechor es un hombre afroamericano, si tiene información contacte a las autoridades. >> se identifico al hombre que fue baleado por un policía, un uniformado habrio fuego. >> se declaro culpable a la mujer que mato a su esposo, podría enfrentar hasta cadena perpetua, se espera que sea sentenciada el 17 de mayo. >> abril es el mes de declarar impuestos, si es dueño de casa debe pagarle al condado. >> no querra que le cobren dinero extra por el impuesto a la propiedad. >> tiene más de 10 años pagando impuestos a la propiedad. >> muchas personas dueñas de casa pagan
trabajan concentradas en la asistencia. >> beneficiaria a 67 hondureños. >> las empresas toyota, honda y nissa, hacen el llamado para revisar las marcas (información en pantalla) (información en pantalla) por fallas en el bolsa de aire. >> las interacciones sociales, que efecto tienen en las relaciones. >> betar a una persona con un click es eliminado. >> he bloqueado, uno a la semana. >> dicen cosas que no me gustan. >> es una cosa comun, es un argumento virtual. >> la gente toma facebook de manera serie. >> somos muy sensibles o la gente es grosera? pero facebook daña las amistades. >> es la falta de identificacion personal, entonces nadie me ve la cara puedo decir lo que me de la gana. >> aumentaron la rudesa en comentarios inapropiados. >> como no estamos cara a cara no nos vamos a morder. >> a veces los mensajes son mal entendidos. >> la solución evitar ataques personales. >> no podemos sacar facebook de la vida entonces tenemos que tener cuidado. >> quien dijo que los estereotipos están en el pasado? la muñeca barbie de méxico esta de rosa brillante, tiene un chihuahua y un
. >>> the toyota suv over turned about 3:45 p.m.. the vehicle came arrest on its wheel going the wrong direction, the driver over corrected causing the car to roll several times and injecting passenger from the vehicle. officers shutdown two lanes and causing a major traffic during the commute. >>> the warriors are hosting their first playoff game in six years. now, we have been monitoring traffic for you all evening long. earlier 5 and 6 it was pretty heavy but you can see right now it is very clear, john is live outside the arena d tells us this play off game has the warriors fan inspired off on both sides of the bay. >> reporter: they're going hard right now, of course the focus is on the playoffs right now. many people though are concerned where the warriors will play the home game in the future. >> it is going to be loud and crazy. >> we are going to win. >> beating the nuggets home in game 3, the trying to keep the warriors here. this evening outside the arena the group rally support for their car. >> i am from san francisco so i like the move. >> they might lose to and for a city that's
the message that distracted driving kills. a 17-year-old was one of 10 finalists in the toyota teen driver video challenge. he was one of hundreds who submitted videos to inspire their peers to drive more safely and to avoid distractions like texting while driving. watching tv, you on't want your comedy show interrupted by a somber show about teenage driving fatalities. so i will come up with a way to become a humorous about it while still maintaining a serious message. >> check out the videos and vote for your favorite by going to wjla.com. the contest ends at 5:00 p.m. today. >> that's great to see a. clever way to do that. it is time to check on what the day has in store. >> jacqui jeras. >> not a bad day, a little better than yesterday. we will have some similarities. this morning is a lot like yesterday morning, just a little drier. drizzle in a few spots. a little foggy in winchester right now. fine in the district and 57 degrees. 56 at dulles, 54 in gaithersburg and winchester. the 57 in culpeper. lexington park, 56. throughout much of the week. limited opportunities for sunshine. y
compmpanies to places beyond i. siemens. answers. >> now the toyota sports desk. winner, the winner of several awards and he can still get lit up. he did today. he drives a hard liner to the left. he took time off of baseball. 1-0 braves. chris johnson, up the middle for a base hit. 3-0, atlanta. more brave damage. he drives one the opposite way. yeah, too far. >> that's going to leave a mark. >> it left a mark on them. 4-0 braves. later in the third the dagger from simmons. he drives one deep to left. he gave up seven runs in five innings. it is 9-0. >> it was very shocking. we have a good lineup and the pitching was great. our job is to make sure we minimize the damage. we're not going to hold these guys too long and our job is to make sure we keep them as close as possible. i did not do that today. of battles, sometimes it is a wake-up call. >> how about the caps? starting off with the worst record in the league they are now four points away from winnipeg for first place. all of that criticism of alex ovechkin now leads the league in goals. they had three goals in the first and two in the s
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. toyota, honda, nissan and mazda, all hit by the recall since they purchase their air bag systems from the same supplier in japan. most of the cars appear to be from 2001, 2002 and 2003 model years. >>> now, for the latest in the hostage situation involving four firefighters. this happened in the town 30 miles northeast of atlanta, georgia. all firefighters are out of the hospital this morning. they're in good condition. the man who held them hostage, shot dead by police. martin savage is live with the latest for us. good morning, martin. >> reporter: good morning. it was a fake heart attack, according to authorities, that reportedly brought the first responders to the house behind us here. once they got here, they found the real emergency. as you point out this morning, four firefighters have been freed, one man is dead and a police officer wounded. here's how it all went down. we know that firefighters routinely run toward danger. but not this. >> when they made entry into the home, they were taken hostage by him. >> reporter: firefighters were called to what they thought was a man h
're talking toyota, honda, nissan and mazda. 3.4 million older model vehicles are being recalled. among them.honda civics and c-r-v's. toyota corolla's, nissan sentras, mazda 6 sedans. there are others. most vehicles impacted are model years 2001 thru 2003. the front passenger air bags all were made by the same parts supplier, japan's takata corp. the firm says no one has been hurt, but there have been six incidents of the air bags deploying improperly on roadways. work on the bart extension from fremont to san jose is starting to ramp up. in the months to come. drivers in the area can expect numerous road closures and lane restrictions. and new tonight at 8-- kron 4's charles clifford has an update on the progress. the extension of bart from fremont to north san jose is 10 miles long and there are 11 places where the new railway crosses existing roads and crews will need to build new intersections. that means a lot of traffic delays over the months to come. in the very near future, there are two projects that will affect traffic. first, warren avenue in fremont will be close down this weeke
pantalla). >>> las compaÑÍas toyota, nissan honda y mazda llevarÁn a cabo revisiones de mÁs de 3 millones de automÓviles en el mundo, por fallas en bolsas de aire, informaciÓn importante la mitad de los vehÍculos son de toyota y modelos afectado son los fabricados entre los aÑos 2.000 y aÑos 2004 asÍ que comuniquese con el fabricante de su auto si cree que su carro estÁ entre los afectados. >>> unos estudiantes del sur de florida desarrollar un prepapreo para mejorar la cÁlida de vida de las personas con problema visuales, se trata de una gafas que lee un papel en voz alta haciendo posible que los invidentess entiendan lo que tienen frente a su ojos. >>> hablando de medicina cada 69 segundo una persona en estados unidos desarrolla la enfermedad de alzheimer un mal que roba la memoria y destruye la vida de quiÉn la sufre, cecilia viajÓ a los Ángeles para traernos una (...) para revertir la pÉrdida la memoria, asÍ que presten atenciÓn. >>> mientras la ciencia no descansa buscando una cura para el alzheimer, una meditaciÓn practicada por mÁs de 5.000 aÑos podrÍa tener la cl
hit a milestone, the world's largest auto maker has hit a milestone and even toyota had low expectations at first hoping to sell 300 a month. hybrids make up to 14% of sales at tow out and it led to -- 0 a- - at toyota. >>> they had a large amount of ammunition. firefighters rushed to the area last night at 5:30, they were told 2000 rounds of ammunition were in that garage and caused them to explode. a smoke alarm saved the people inside and they did get out safely and the investigation continues. >>> special events will be considered remembering the worst disaster in san francisco history. the and wall -- annual parade and dinner will take place this afternoon and one survivor will be there. winnie hook is 107 years old. she was only two years old when that san jose quake destroyed her home. >>> for mornings on 2, it is a busy time and i want to show you traffic will be backed up and we had a bad start but now it is getting better. let's go to steve. >>> clear for some, temperatures will warm up and it will be clear sunny and it will be this way for a while, temperatures fo
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brumaghim. >> the shark is jumping to take the sky at toyota from his line. brunmaghim continues to reel in. but the sharks bumps the kayak and takes the fish. he was fishing about 2 mi. short hair waianae. in this 16 ft. kayak. he stayed out of and caught two more fish have been shark encounter. marin biologists think it was a 10 ft. tigers are between four and five of the downs, doing what comes naturally. >> still ahead people in the midwest are cleaning up this morning at the severe weather. ripped through parts of missouri and arkansas yesterday. take a look at this picture, that is lightening striking the st. louis arch. will take a look at the the debt with the >> 4:15. >> is this time. take a look at some of the severe weather in the midwest. missouri and arkansas residents are grappling with the aftermath of a series of storms that spawned at least two tornadoes. one tornado touched down yesterday night in the st. louis suburb of hazelwood, ripping the roof of several homes. you can see video of the damage of the left. no series of injuries have been reported. missouri gov. jay nix
. better than expected sales at the retailer zumiez and it's up. toyota, air bag recall, but the stock $112 a share, i'm sure that's because the yen is all the way down and they're going to sell more here. strong sales and better than expected profits at bed, bath and beyond. chevron said widespread maintenance issues cut its production in january and february, but it's flat. 22 cents higher. weaker sales cutting into profits at the restaurant chain, ruby tuesday, dead flat. 8 bucks a share and i'm going to call it a dead flat opening. time is money, 60 seconds, what else we've got for you thursday morning. the great state tax debate takes us to maryland today, where joe flacco, the super bowl winning quarterback, the baltimore ravens, that's where he works. his agent is going to join us. stuart: we're going to ask him if he jacked up the salary because of the high taxes in maryland. and irs says that agents can reads your e-mails and text messages without a warrant. you can bet the judge is not happy about that and he will be with us. and we'll give you the latest odds on who will win the
vehicles. take a look at shares of gm, ford, and toyota. we're putting these up, because these are really the three leaders when it comes to pickup trucks. clearly, gm anded ford, way ahead of toyota, but in terms of stock performance, toyota getting the better of the other two over the last year. and finally, you mentioned tesla at the beginning, maria. take a look at this. in the first quarter, electric vehicle sales, the model-s easily outsold. the chevy volt and the nissan leaf, which says something, maria, given the fact that the model "s" considerably more expensive than the volt or the leaf. and you have shares of tesla trading at an all-time high. the announcement from elon musk coming up in about 40 to 45 minutes. maria, back to you. >> phil, thank you very much. so with new buyers headed into the showroom for a new car, is this the time to bet on auto stocks? investors should bet on new automakers like tesla, says brian. why the divergent views? let's talk about it. adam, make the case. why is newer the tesla the better long-term play in your view? >> let's start off with one si
with toyota. it's still the world's number one in global vehicle sales, that was january through march. that quarter, toyota still number one, moving up again. $113 per share for toyota and life sciences makes heart valves and the company lowered the sales outlook. i wonder if it's got anything to do with a medical device tax. i don't know, i'm speculating here and the stock is down big time. more money coming in and higher profit at procter & gamble. and it's down 4 pergs, something is going on i don't know about. 78 on p&g. and smaller than expected loss at sprint nextel. virtually flat and ford on track to meet the price target this year pretty flat. better than expected profits at eli lilly. and it's better than expected profits, but it's down, not much. 1% though. disappointing profit in the furniture maker ethan allen. look at that. down it goes. 8% lower. back to the big board. we're expecting 20, maybe 30 points up. didn't get it. 11 points higher. and now we've got it. at&t, that's the big loser. down 4% it's a dow stock and that's why the dow u-dow is not up the 20, 30 points
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there in the headlights. auto sales in march the best in six years. ford, chrysler, toyota, gm, and nissan, all reporting strong sales. truck and suv sales especially strong. cnbc's phil lebeau. >> this is not something where the automakers are goosing the market with outrageous incentives. this is people coming into showrooms and saying i need a new car or truck and this is the time to buy. >> reporter: the average car on the road today is more than 11 years old. something else helping the economy, gas prices down 30 cents from a year ago. and while many areas of the country are still struggling with real estate foreclosures, and decreased home equity, the overall housing market seems to be recovering. existing home sales now at their highest pace since 2006. among the cities showing the most improvement, denver. >> in this neighborhood i would expect properties to go under contract within a week. >> reporter: where ty docken is a realtor working one of the hottest areas of the city. >> buyers need to be ready to jump on a property when they find it. if they think about it, that property will be gone. s
, empresa de ford, toyota y general motores. una de las razones que posiblemente contÓ atribuyo a la mejoÍa son los intereses mÁs bajos en los por erÉstamos de compra. >> cuando regresemos en su >> inyectarse droga consumiendo todo tipo de dwrogsz drogas, apostando dinero y bebiendo cervezas saliÓ durante las audiencias que se estÁn viendo en torno a una demanda judicial contra el Área por las condiciones en que viven los presos de esas cÁrcel. >> muy bien, hay arrestos en brasil despuÉs de la brutal violaciÓn de una turista estadounidense a mansz de una pan pandilla de la grondrones ocurÓ bordo de un autobÚs y durante 6 horas al frente de su novio al que esposaron para que fuera testigo de lo que pasaba. >> rogelio mora tagle tiene mÁs. >> su nombre se asoc con playa, violaciÓn, pero la violaciÓn aordo por la za de copacabana mostrÓ otra cara de rÍo de janeiro en donde se realiza la horn de la de la juventud que marcarÍa el primer viaje internacional papa fran skwifblg. >> nos podrÍa pasar a nosotros, pero bueno es la ley de la vida hace poco estuve en mÉxico, lo mismo d
%. toyota's gains were a little more anemic at just 1%. despite news headlines about the fiscal cliif, sequestration and budget shortfalls, car sales in the first quarter beat expectations. edmunds.com says it is raising its auto sales forecast to 15.5 million cars in 2013. 'i think that there's growth potential to go beyond this year as well. we're still not back to pre-recession levels in terms of the number of sales per driver. we've had driver population grow, but sales have shrunk since the recession and there's still room for growth there." the main reason for zipppy new car sales: pent-up demand after years of economic struggles for consumers. it's a new day for fannie mae. six years after the housing market's collapse, the agency has turned a record profit. fannie raked in $7.6 billion in the fourth quarter, and made $17.2 billion in 2012, while taxpayers took home $11.6 billion in fannie dividends. the ceo of the mortgage giant says he expects earnings to remain strong over the next few years. a new trend among recent law school graduates is to sue the schools. the l.a. times
in a silver toyota prius. >> california lawmakers hope to stop a new trend that targets celebrities called s.w.a.t.ing. someone calls today report a fake emergency usually at a celebrity's house. it's not just in l.a. but in northern california, too. a bill would increase penalties for making false calls. law enforcement say the calls tie up officers from responding to real emergencies. >> initially when we get calls like this, we'd roll out entire s.w.a.t. teams. those can get expensive according to the lapd. >> this bill would hit pretty hard and if minors are guilty they're parents would be held responsible. >> we have good news about california education. more students are graduated and fewer dropping out according to state department of education. the report show there's is still huge achievement gap. laura? >> hi, cheryl. well, here in richmond high, nearly one person of the senior dz not graduate with their class last year but there is a nonprofit group stepping up to mentor students here to help make going to college a reality for many. jer regardo is a freshman standout in the st. m
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